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Why Us

In a crowded and competitive world, the world sees everything you do.

So it’s crucial to understand what kind of impression all your communication is making on your customers, clients, employees, stockholders and investors.

Today, every piece of communication you do matters.  Everything is marketing. Everything is branding.  Everything is advertising.  And everything is storytelling.

So at 90,000 Feet, we take a holistic approach to all your communication needs.   We partner with companies to create a positive brand image and a consistent corporate culture across all lines of communication in every medium.

Whether it’s consumer outreach (commercials or internet content), branded content, internal corporate communication, sales films, educational training,  event or executive videos – whatever it is – we take your story to 90,000 Feet.

About Us

We are a fusion of strategic branding experts, award-winning creative marketing and advertising writers, designers, film directors, producers and editorial services.

We have created and executed campaigns for both global and small brands.  For clients such as Google, Toyota, Disney, Sony, Microsoft, Dodge, Bayer Health Care, Sony, Cisco, Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet, Oakley, Asics, NetZero, UCLA and Hallmark – to name a few.

We partner with brands, agencies, marketing firms, networks, organizations, universities, advertising production consultants, CSR projects, and senior executives to help them strategize, execute and deliver engaging communications that opens eyes, opens hearts and opens wallets.

We work closely with our clients from concept through execution.  Whatever their need,  whatever their deadline, whatever their budget or whomever their audience, our solutions keep their brand image and a cohesive company story in focus.


Our clients come to us when they want it all.  Strategy, branding, great creative ideation, project management, exceptional execution and a cohesive image across every medium.

See How The 90,000 Feet Difference Gives Brands A Unique Advantage.

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All our services combine strategic marketing, creative advertising and visual filmmaking to deliver compelling human stories. We educate, motivate and inspire consumers, prospects, employees, internal groups, sales teams, stockholders, investors or any audience. We drive sales, engagement and conversations to push your brand to the highest creative and production level.

What the clients say.

  • 90,000 feet brings creativity to the table. Their videos help make Toyota new and inspiring, innovative, exciting and optimize how people use video.

    - MIA PHILLIPS, Toyota Motor Sales -
  • 90000 Feet has the flexible, agile spirit of an independent boutique, yet the ability to deliver the strategic creative of a global marketing agency.  And, they are able to turn around projects on a dime.  This plus great strategy-driven, creative and personalized service is an unbeatable combination for us at Disney parks.

  • 90000 Feet has amazing creative vision – and is a great collaborative group.  For the Bayer Health Care content and commercials, they were able to bring out the emotion of small moments while efficiently shooting what amounted to eight different videos in a single day. Their management team seamlessly integrated with Bayer’s internal teams and our integrated digital global agencies.

    - HEIDI BLOCK, HB Consulting -


Just a few of our great clients.

  • Toyota
  • Disney
  • Cisco
  • Sony
  • Apple
  • Chrysler
  • P&G
  • McDonalds
  • Microsoft
  • Cadillac
  • Dell
  • Dodge
  • Samsung
  • Jeep
  • Oakley
  • Universal Studios
  • GM
  • Asics
  • Budweiser
  • Baja Fresh
  • Charles Schwab
  • Netzero
  • Hitachi
  • HP
  • Chevrolet
  • Hallmark
  • Kodak
  • WGA
  • Symantec
  • UCLA


90,000 Feet is about elevated creativity, content and consulting.

WHO IS 90,000 Feet?

With 90000 Feet, you don’t just a team that pursues branding and creativity with a religious fervor but you get a collective full of secrets, tips and money saving wisdom known only to production sages in the film business.


Chris Nolan

Creative Director/Director

An Emmy Award winning director, creative director, marketing strategist, and branding expert, Chris brings 20 years of writing, directing and production experience to 90,000 Feet.

team-laurie-nolan 2

Laurie Nolan

Executive Producer/Writer

With 20 years experience on both the Ad Agency and Production sides of marketing, Laurie is an award-winning writer and production expert dynamo.


Bill Curran

Ex. Prod./Acct. Management

Having managed the most prestigious film companies in the world, Bill brings unparalleled production expertise, advertising experience and managerial skills to 90,0000 Feet.


Barbara Morrison

Senior Account Manager

Having run in-house ad agencies as well as agency account groups, Barbara knows all sides of marketing and production and gets things done fast, efficiently and with a smile.


Brian Felber

Editorial/Visual Effects

An editorial storyteller with a broad spectrum of production and post production skills from cinematography to motion graphics.


Josh Lunetta

Editorial/Visual Effects

Josh is a wiz at creative, narrative editorial approaches with a wide range of of visual styles and editing format expertise.

Molly 1

Molly Nolan

Assistant Editor

A multi-talented, story-savvy assistant editor, Molly is exceptionally skilled at performances. She has an eye for finding exactly the right shot!

Kevin 1

Kevin Nolan

Creative Director/Designer

The creative guru of our Seattle Office, Kevin has won every Advertising and Marketing Awards there is.

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